What is CSA Film Academy?


Ken Feinberg (Mr. Ken) believes it takes teamwork to make a dream work. He has developed an elite & highly successful program for individuals who are serious about learning the craft and going to work.

Mr. Ken explains that his acting programs are for actors of all experience levels. They give aspiring actors the professional skills they need to be prepared for a real career in the film acting industry and give working actors an extra edge.

Mr. Ken mentors all actors who are accepted into his program for 9 months, and is also available to his acting family long after his actors leave the classroom.

In addition to advising his actors, Mr. Ken leads a business seminar for the parents and spouses of Film Academy actors to give them an idea of what to anticipate in the industry (actors are welcome to attend). This gifts parents and spouses with an opportunity to be good teammates who can be ready to give support to their loved ones and help make sure they have all the skills needed to go to work.


Ages 8-Adult – Film Academy Companies

The CSA Film Academy is a highly selective 31-week (aprox 9.5 month) intensive program for actors who want to hone their craft. Companies are created based on age and other factors. Placement is determined by Mr. Ken after auditions are complete.

  • Kid Company (Mostly Elementary)
  • Tween Company (Mostly Middle School)
  • Teen Company (Mostly High School)
  • Adult Company (Ages 18+)
  • FA Fast Track (Ages 13-Adults) for dedicated actors that want the training in 1/2 the time & can commit to meeting for 3 hour sessions twice a week.

Acceptance into the CSA Film Academy is by audition only. Auditions are by appointment.

To request your audition time for the 2015-2016 CSA Film Academy, please call AWP at 770-998-8111.

Please be ready to provide your/the actor’s name, age & contact info. If you/they have them, please also submit your/their headshot, resume, website, and agency. Each actor will need to prepare a 1-2 minute monologue for their audition piece. Each actor will also be given a scene to perform as a cold read. Please arrive 15 minutes early to your scheduled audition time with 2 headshots and resumes.

A referral letter from your/their agent and/or performing arts instructor (acting preferred) is recommended.

If you have any questions please email ken@csatl.com or call 770-998-8111 and speak to the reception at Atlanta Workshop Players.

Hundreds of individuals apply, and CSA Film Academy will select only 15 actors to be mentored in each company.



Master Instructor Ken Feinberg refers to his system as “the buffet.” In the 9-month Film Academy, Mr. Ken “serves up” a lot of thingsfor actors to try, including:

  • the emotional guidance system and how to use it,
  • many elements of script breakdown and character creation,
  • audition prep,
  • audition do’s and don’ts,
  • individual personal development,
  • getting out of your own way,
  • on camera audition,
  • in the room audition,
  • elements of self taping,
  • effective callbacks,
  • the different kinds of commercials and how to prep and perform for them,
  • performance on camera,
  • improv for film,
  • tv sitcom and how to make funny,
  • marketing strategies,
  • the business side of acting,
  • knowledge of the film industry and how to use it,
  • on set performance and more.

The program ends with a professionally crewed film production; allowing the actors an opportunity to put into practice all they have learned. Being exposed to a working production set allows the actors an experience to arrive on a job; ready to act; in a way that just isn’t possible in a classroom setting. The experience also provides the actors with a professional quality sample of their acting work for resumes and auditions, and, hopefully, will garner them an IMDB credit.

The graduation ceremony is a Hollywood style movie premiere which gives the actors a red carpet experience. The graduates don tuxedos and elegant gowns. They arrive in style to the premiere in shiny black limousines where they walk the red carpet; smiling for the cameras; before entering the premiere.



Your class day/time preferences are requested on the CSA Film Academy application. Once applicants are selected, class dates and times will be determined based on teacher and student availability. Class is held at Atlanta Workshop Players (on Holcomb Bridge) and Creative Studios of Atlanta (located a few blocks from beautiful downtown old Alpharetta). Actors are asked to list their location preference on the application. The day and time of the class will also depend on the interest of the applicants selected.

The Kid Company meets 1.5 hours once weekly for 31 weeks from Mid August – Mid May,

The Fast Track meets twice weekly for 3 hours each session January-Mid May,

All other Film Acaddemy Companies meet once, for 3 hours weekly for 31 weeks from Mid August- Mid May.

Actors spend additional time outside of class each week watching films or preparing for class. Homework will vary by week.



Once accepted, the investment for the 1.5 hr weekly Kid Company fees are $1833.00 & the 3-hr weekly Tween, Teen & Adult Company fees are $3,333.00.

The CSA Film Academy is an all-inclusive program which covers actor training, a business seminar, class materials, an “Actor’s Tool Kit”, the film production*, and the graduation ceremony (a limo ride & red carpet reception, a theatrical screening and after party*). *Some potluck events may be held & families are asked to contribute to meals during the production.

We offer 3 payment plans. 1-pmt, 2-pmt & 10-pmt options are available. You can pay via Cash, Credit Card or Check.


Ages 8-18 – Apprentice Company

The Apprentice Company is a 31-week preparatory program for young actors at the beginner level that provides training with a group of instructors who are focused upon preparing them for a career in the Film & Television industry & for the possible advancement into the Kids, Tween, or Teen company upon completion. The Apprentice Company meets for 2 hours, once a week.

The 2-hr weekly Apprentice Company is open to anyone and is an investment of $2333.00

We offer 3 payment plans. 1-pmt, 2-pmt & 10-pmt options are available. You can pay via Cash, Credit Card or Check.